Large scale landscape restoration……WRAP

Welsh local authorities, and quarrying and mining companies with an interest in the restoration of landscapes affected by mineral extraction are invited to attend a free interactive showcase, hosted by Welsh Slate and WRAP Cymru at Penrhyn Quarry in Bethesda, North Wales on 2 November.
Owned by Welsh Slate, Penrhyn Quarry is WRAP Cymru’s first large-scale landscape restoration project and forms part of WRAP’s commitment to the remodelling of landscapes that are affected by quarrying.

The showcase, running from 10am-3pm, will demonstrate first-hand how the use of quality compost can produce sustainable, cost-effective and sensitive restoration of landscapes affected by the extractive industry.
Lance Jones, organics project manager at WRAP Cymru, which has been working with Welsh Slate and other extraction companies across Wales to restore quarry sites, said: “Topsoil is in scarce supply, and restoring land used for mineral extraction is often expensive and difficult, carrying a number of risks.
“Operators have, in the past, tried to make use of the left-over soils on site but this material is often unsuitable because its organic nutrient content and overall structure is depleted, meaning that very little vegetation can grow.
“Our demonstrator project at the Welsh Slate Penrhyn Quarry is just one example of how blending quarry waste with small quantities of quality green compost can not only successfully restore mineral workings, but could also deliver significant cost savings when compared with more traditional soil import or fertilised hydroseed treatments.”
Tony Heaney, restoration manager for Welsh Slate said: “WRAP Cymru first approached us six years ago after taking interest in our restoration techniques. Our techniques involved mixing quality organic compost with slate waste to create islands of plants across the quarry which helped to restore the land to what it was nearly 300 years ago.
“Working with WRAP has meant that we now have access to the best restoration methods and techniques available which can inject life into quarry land. Land restoration using PAS100 compost is really impressive and has worked exceptionally well to bring the land at Penrhyn Quarry to life. The event on November 2 will be an excellent way to show attendees at first hand just how effective the use of this compost can be.”

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