Horticultural abseilers

At 14 stories high and one of the tallest living wall installations in the UK, the Scotscape’s maintenance team were unable to use conventional access equipment. As a result, the company’s specially trained horticultural abseilers were called in to complete the job in what it believes to be another first in the UK.
Overall, the living wall covers an area of some 220m²and includes in excess of 24,600 plants. In addition to the maintenance work on the living wall, Scotscape is also responsible for maintaining areas of green roof at the housing development – which incorporate the same plant species to ensure good coverage and design continuity.
Commenting on the work, Scotscape’s Managing Director Angus Cunningham told The Landscaper : “As the UK’s premier living wall and green roof maintenance company, we look after installations of all shapes and scale; this project was certainly an unusual one, but we were delighted to once again rise to the challenge.”

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