Gene Kelly will be Singin’ in the Rain as the Hollywood star is recreated in a dramatic floral display in Blackpool Winter Gardens’ Floral Hall.
The Pollinations is a new floral art display commissioned by Marketing Blackpool from an idea created by Showbizworks.
And as Blackpool is the home of dance, the first display will be of the legendary dancer Gene Kelly and his performance in the movie Singin’ In The Rain. It will be the iconic street scene that sees Kelly stretching out from the street lamp, umbrella in hand.
Showbizworks Director Martin Blore said: “This is a natural pre-cursor to Blackpool’s Illuminations and the launch of another new attraction for the town. We hope that it continues to evolve each year as we add to the displays to ultimately create the country’s largest indoor flower show.
“Following the beautiful restoration of the Winter Gardens’ Floral Hall, we felt it was appropriate to create an event that would complement the glorious architecture. Pollinations pays homage to the days when this area was home to magnificent floral displays.”
More than 1,000 flowers will be used in the display which is expected to take a week to complete and will measure 11mx4m.
Natalie Wyatt, Managing Director of Marketing Blackpool, said: “It is a pleasure to be involved in such a unique and exciting project.
“The Pollinations adds a great new dimension to all that we offer in Blackpool and I am sure many, many people will want to see it.
“The Floral Hall is such a lovely space to house this spectacle, especially as visitors will also be able to view the restored Dome and make use of other facilities, such as the Mazzei Café.
“We plan to continue this project and hope to add new displays “growing the event” each year as the Winter Gardens becomes home to the Summer Gardens.”
Installation for Pollinations begins on July 23rd and the display will be on show until the end of August 2012 when Blackpool Illuminations will be switched on.

Suppliers working on then project include Plant World at Myerscough College and BWD of Lytham.


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