For the future……..30 million Euro engine

In preparation for new regulations on emissions that are soon to take effect Kohler have launched a new line of diesel engines.
“This is a completely new family of engines, which feature highly advanced technology for clean combustion and limited emissions” Andy Collins UK Subsidiary, ( pictured below) told The Landscaper at a international press conference in Reggio Emilia – the historic home of the Research & Development Centre named after Franco Lombardini yesterday.
“ The excellent power and torque in relation to the engines’ compact size and the absence of particulate abatement systems (such as DPFs) translate into clear advantages eg reduced fuel consumption and longer maintenance intervals, since no filter regeneration is required”
The new engines were developed using the most advanced technology currently available. Clean combustion achieved with a high-pressure (2000 bar) Common Rail system.
A electronically triggered EGR valve circulates the right amount of exhaust gases (which are liquid-cooled by a water/air heat exchanger), enabling emission levels to comply with the new regulations while providing exceptional performance – and all without the use of after-treatment systems.
The 4 valves per cylinder system used was designed to house the injector in a perfectly vertical position at the very centre of the combustion chamber. This solution optimizes fuel filling, atomization and mixing with oxygen in the chamber.
The intake manifold and the combustion chamber were developed with thorough fluid-dynamic (CFD) analysis for maximum combustion efficiency.
The waste-gated turbocharger has been specifically tuned to minimize the turbo-lag response and provide the precise volume of air for an excellent low end torque capability. Specific oil control devices also allows for the required lubrication of the turbine shaft for long term durability. The use of a charge air cooler is required to ensure the correct air inlet temperature for the optimal engine performance whilst achieving emissions compliance.
The major investment made by the Kohler Co. (30 million Euros over three years) will enable the Reggio Emilia-based company to ensure its future success exploiting its own resources, as the new engines will be produced in Reggio Emilia.
Tel. +44 (0)1865 863858
Mob: +44 (0)7860 586043
KDI will be on display at the following trade fairs:
GIE (Louisville, 27-29 October, 2011)
BATIMAT (Paris, 7-12 November, 2011) – Hall 4/Stand D111
AGRITECHNICA (Hannover, 13-19 November, 2011) Hall 25/Stand J22
WOC (Las Vegas, 24-27 January, 2012)
ARA (New Orleans, 6-8 February, 2012)
HIRE SHOW (Coventry, 8-9 February)
FIMA (Zaragoza, 14-18 February)
GOLF (Las Vegas, 29 February – 1 March, 2012)
INTERMAT (Paris, 16-21 April)
GALABAU (Nuremburg, 12-15 September)
EIMA (Bologna, 10-14 November)

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