Expected life of 30,000 hours!

During 2015 Lumena has continued to upgrade and add to their extensive range of high quality Outdoor and Commercial Exterior Lighting with a special new edition – The Ledifice Bollard.
The Ledifice has been designed with a larger head specifically to accommodate a large 20W “Corn” LED bulb. This exceptional bulb emits 90% of its light in a horizontal direction and has a light output of 2100 lumens, exceeding an equivalent 200W halogen bulb. This makes it ideal for use in illuminated bollards. It offers instant bright white light ideal for photocell or PIR use unlike metal halide or SON lamps which take time to warm up. The LEDs expected life of 30,000 hours will also reduce maintenance with the likelihood of lasting over 10 years if used 8 hours per day.Domed green ledifice for edit
To aid site planning for lighting professionals, the Ledifice has been tested for Photometric data by Photometric Testing UK. A downloadable PDF of this data is available on www.lumenalights.com
A choice of 3 heights are available; 0.6m, 0.8m and 1.0m, as well as domed or flat pillar head designs in either a Graphite Black or Garden Green finish.
Each fitting is supplied complete with an internal surface mount as standard, however alternative mounting options are available, including a Professional Root Mount System which enables an additional 40cm of the bollard body to be concreted directly into the ground for extra secure, commercial installation.
In London there is approximately 4,300 hours of darkness per year, therefore based on the UK average of £0.14 per kWh, a 20w LED Corn Bulb (supplied with the LEDifice) costs as little as £12.00 PER YEAR to run.

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