Die Fly

The House fly (Musca domestica) is, perhaps, the most common and widespread animal in the world and can carry a number of particularly unpleasant diseases. They also have an incredible capacity for reproduction: during a 25-day lifespan, a female House fly can lay more than 600 eggs.
The warm summer months are when all kinds of fly breed most rapidly, flies can contaminate food and work surfaces, with even a single housefly capable of carrying more than 6-million bacteria.
Procter Pest-Stop have a number of products which give customers a range of options to keep one step ahead of the flies at this time of year without having to use chemicals or poisons.
Window Fly Stickers exploit the attraction flies have to windows and light. Effective for up to three months, they feature an attractive floral design and can be placed discretely on windows. To use, the customer simply removes the cover paper and applies to a window. The powerful adhesive on the sticker will hold even the largest houseflies or bluebottles.
Flypapers are a traditional method of trapping flies. These sticky paper strips are hung from a ceiling in areas where flies congregate, trapping them on contact. Each flypaper is capable of catching up to 100 flies.
Fly Swats, available either in red or yellow, are another simple and proven solution. The Procter Pest-Stop plastic swatter features a long handle for extra reach and is of a strong single-piece moulding so that it lasts longer. It also features a series of spikes along the top of the swat for ‘finishing off’ stunned insects, and a set of tweezers for the safe and hygienic removal of dead flies/wasps etc.
Fly Trap Bags are outdoor products, ideal for use around patios and decking. They are simple to use and just need warm water to activate. Virtually odourless, each is capable of catching up to 20,000 flies. Once the bag is full, it can be easily sealed and disposed of.

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