Developing the estates

Peabody Trust has appointed London based landscaping company Ginkgo Landscape Contractors to change the face of the Peabody estates.
Formed 21 years ago, Ginkgo Landscapes has grown from the maintenance of small London domestic gardens to a major supplier of Grounds Maintenance in London. Bringing to the market a horticulturally driven company wanting to actually improve the landscapes they maintain and show how even rather drab urban environments can be made to flower and develop.
Residents will see a positive change in their surrounding environment with a much more focused approach to the planting and maintenance of existing gardens and the introduction of a landscape where plants are allowed to grow naturally displaying all their curves and graces.
Ginkgo Company Directors Dan Curran and Anthony Challis told The Landscaper “The winning of the Peabody contract shows how a smaller company can succeed over the big corporate boys and it’s heartening to know there are organisations that are actually interested in providing quality and a dynamic approach to grounds maintenance not solely based on price.”

Tel : 020 7498 2021

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