Christmas cheer!….. new survey

Less than half of UK offices have Christmas decorations.
Only 42% of offices are planning any form of Christmas decorations, according to a recent survey by leading office design company Maris Interiors.
The average amount being spent per employee on festive decorations this year is an embarrassing 19 pence. This is the lowest amount since the annual survey began in 2008, when the tinsel bill was a slightly more impressive 31p.
Only 7% of companies have spent over a pound per employee on decorations and most Scrooge-like of all, only 16% of UK offices have a Christmas tree. Of those workplaces with any decorations at all, 85% described them as “mostly reused” or “entirely reused” from previous years.
Maris Interiors Chairman, Michael Howard, said: “If our annual survey on Christmas decorations is a barometer of the economy, it makes quite depressing reading. The mind boggles quite what sort of decorations one can get for 19p – but it doesn’t sound like it would help employee morale!”
Readers of The Landscaper will be interested to note that our offices are festooned with decorations and expense has been spared to lift staff morale ..ed
Maris Interiors LLP is a leading specialist in workplace design and creation. The company design and create world class working environments for occupiers throughout the UK and continental Europe.

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