Childs play

Installed as part of a ChildsPlay system, the design possibilities for mats made from Notts Sport’s world-renowned VHAF NottsSward synthetic turf are limitless.
Notts Sport can offer expert advice on creating an educational area using ready-made patterns and innovative designs, or alternatively, clients can see their own ideas brought to life using the latest computer technology.<>br/>
In the space of a single playtime, for example, adventurous children could go on a journey of discovery around the globe on a world map play mat, or even planet-hop on a surface representing the entire solar system!
Chairman of Notts Sport, Shaun Patrick, said: “With our palette of 15 vibrant colours there is unlimited potential for patterns and games and we can create a bespoke ChildsPlay Education mat to suit a school or nursery’s requirements perfectly.
“Freeform patterns from the general play area can flow into more conventional games such as chess and hopscotch, while distance markers, maps, letters and numbers can give children the opportunity to challenge themselves individually or in groups.
“Because the range of designs is infinite, children who will use the play area can be invited to put forward their own ideas to be considered by the school or nursery for incorporation into the overall design. The only limit is their imagination!”
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