Bringing ‘common-sense’ back……health and safety

Ensuring your company has an effective health and safety policy can not only create a safer and healthier workplace for your employees, but can also surprisingly save a considerable amount of money in the process.
Helping you to improve your health and safety policy by providing the best suppliers of products and services and a seminar programme that deals with the most relevant topics in the health and safety sector is Health and Safety South 2011
Announced as part of the Government’s plans to reform Britain’s health and safety system, by reducing the burden of legislation on UK businesses, the 2011 Löfstedt Review was also tasked with maintaining on-going progress in the sector. When announced in May, the review was described as the first step in reducing bureaucracy and bringing ‘common-sense’ back to Britain’s health and safety legislation , Dr Paul Almond, a senior lecturer in Law at the University of Reading will deliver a presentation on ‘Current Directions in Government Policy’.
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Health and Safety South 2011, Sandown Park Racecourse 28-29th February 2012.

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