Beat up…….Rockwool insulation

Dom Sweet’s (15) garden-shed music sessions led to his drum kit being confiscated by Tewkesbury Borough Council, following complaints from his neighbours.
Dom could now see his beloved drums returned thanks to insulation specialist Rockwool which has offered to sound-proof his shed for free.
The insulated shed will prevent the noise of Dom’s drumming reaching out through the shed walls and will allow his neighbours to relax in peace. The offer from Rockwool could potentially prevent the nuisance noise from drumming, and thus give Dom a better chance of getting his kit returned.
Rockwool UK Corporate Affairs Director Paula Bateman, stated: “We’re delighted to be able to help Dom and his neighbours reach a peaceful conclusion to this musical clash and we hope Dom’s neighbours can now enjoy the quiet while Dom perfects his musical talents out of their ear-shot.
“Rockwool insulation is easy to fit and provides thermal and acoustic insulation to buildings, meaning people like Dom can stay warm and sound-proof their buildings with a single product. Dom will also be thrilled to hear that the insulation is made from pure rock, diabase volcanic rock which is smelted and formed into insulation panels.”
The case is currently being considered by Tewkesbury Borough Council which will decide how to proceed.

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