WINTER NO OBSTACLE ….. Chronolia Weathermix….LAFARGE

LAFARGE have launched a new cold-busting concrete designed to set even at low temperatures.
Chronolia Weathermix can tolerate far colder conditions than standard concrete with an accelerated setting time to allow construction to continue even in wintry weather.
Nick Yell, product development manager in the Readymix division at Lafarge Aggregates & Concrete UK, said the product was a brand new innovation for the UK.
“The idea is Weathermix is less sensitive to cold weather conditions than conventional concrete.
“While it is not an anti-freeze concrete, because of its mix design it sets more quickly and produces its heat much better than conventional concrete. This means it can be used in winter weather situations where conventional concrete would struggle to set.”
Based on Lafarge’s fast-setting Chronolia , Weathermix can be placed in temperatures between 3 and -7 degrees centigrade.
The concrete is mixed at a Lafarge plant and the temperature monitored so it is more than 5 degrees centigrade before it goes out to the customer.
With the mixing of the readymix truck while it is transported and the heat generated naturally from the mix itself, the concrete can be placed and as long as it is protected overnight should achieve sufficient maturity by the next day to resist ongoing winter conditions.

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