Void Becomes Space

Brewin Dolphin will return to RHS Chatsworth this year with a conceptual garden inspired by a past landscape of the Chatsworth Estate. It will be designed by Paul Hervey-Brookes who was awarded Gold, Best in Show and Best Construction awards at RHS Chatsworth 2017.
The Garden will encourage visitors to imagine the earlier landscape, featuring a contemporary timber pavilion that will pay homage to the lost village, reflecting the internal void of past buildings. Elsewhere, immersed within the garden among dense borders of colourful planting, a collection of amorphic sculptures at different heights will represent the silhouettes of people who have passed through the landscape.
Paul Hervey-Brookes said: “My idea for The Brewin Dolphin Garden started to develop after a tour of Chatsworth House with the Duke of Devonshire. Standing on the roof looking across the magnificent grounds, his Grace pointed to an area where the footprint of a lost village could still be seen in dry weather. The idea of a void becoming a space and the question of how and when our heritage is preserved fascinated me. Designing the Brewin Dolphin Garden in the very place that the village once stood has given me a unique opportunity to explore it further.”
Built by craftsman local to the Chatsworth Estate, the pavilion will echo the classic silhouette of a Tudor building with its familiar overhang, and be clad in 12,000 individual split Chestnut laths, a reference to the surrounding landscape when Sweet Chestnut trees were grown as a building and food crop.
Rupert Tyler, National Director at Brewin Dolphin said: “The concept behind the Brewin Dolphin Garden is fascinating and it’s particularly exciting to be creating something that has such a direct link to the Chatsworth Estate. Interestingly, the ‘lost’ village dates back to when Brewin Dolphin was founded, in the 1700s, and the idea of taking values from the past and preserving them for the future perfectly reflects our own principles. I’m sure our clients and visitors to the show will be fascinated by the story and that they will enjoy seeing it bought to life in such a spectacular display.”
The Brewin Dolphin Garden at RHS Chatsworth marks a seven-year relationship with the RHS including five successful years at RHS Chelsea and its inaugural garden at RHS Chatsworth in 2017.

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