Versatile Paving

The Talasey Group has supplied approximately 2,990 metres of its Natural Paving’s Promenade Classic Sandstone for a 60-unit housing development in Chigwell, Essex, on the site of the former Tottenham Hotspur Football Club training ground.
Developer Anderson Group’s ambition was to create a typical Essex village plan, using different house styles to create an attractive community. It was essential the products used on the properties were versatile, and would look good across the different types of dwellings.
Mark Thurston, Procurement Manager at Anderson Group commented: “One of the biggest challenges when working on a project of this scope is the need for products that are high quality but also cost-effective. These were the criteria that led us to choosing Natural Paving products, as the stone available was a perfect fit, with remarkable texture, colour and price. We’ve been very impressed with the company’s paving solutions and look set to use them again on another upcoming job.”
Anderson Group asked local builders merchants, Sliverton Aggregrates, to put forward a range of sandstone choices for the development’s outdoor environment. After viewing a range of choices, they settled for Natural Paving goods on grounds of the product’s colour and shade.
Mark Buckle, Customer Sales at Silverton Aggregrates commented: “We were approached by Anderson to put forward a sandstone option for this development. Natural Paving was the third company we presented to them and they were very impressed. I experienced no problems working with Natural Paving, part of the Talasey Group. When necessary, the company was helpful and responsive. Late on in the development, Anderson Group changed the specification from single size stones to larger packs. It was a challenging moment and we didn’t have much time to react. Thankfully, Shaun Utting of the Talasey Group was on hand to resolve the issue. “
Shaun Utting, who was in charge of helping Anderson Group deliver the project, commented: “This is a stand-out project in a notable location and something that we’re really proud to be a part of. As we operate a merchant only sales policy, Anderson Group purchased all their products through one of our merchant partners and it’s exciting to see our customer network having the opportunity to supply such a prestigious project.”

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