Top Ten Tips for Play……..API

To combat misuse of the API brand and highlight the benefits of using an API member, the API has created a new resource for schools, communities and local authorities.
Top Tips for Finding a Quality Play Provider gives advice on recognising a genuine API member and choosing a company to design and build play spaces. “Top Tips…” also highlights the benefits of using an API member such as adherence to a professional code of conduct, financial security checks and testimonials of previous work.
API Chairman, John Croasdale, said: “This play resource has been drafted to encourage people to shop around for their play provider and consult within their community. Our key aim is to raise standards in play but also to discourage a recent spate of brand misuse of the API logo, preserving the quality reputation people have come to expect from our members.”
To view the Top Tips for Finding a Quality Play Provider document, visit the API website:
To check whether your play provider is a genuine API member, please check the API website:

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