The Movers….. Playdale

Developed especially for six-14 year olds who have outgrown conventional
playground equipment, Playdale ‘s Movers offer a challenging play environment with a sleek,
futuristic appearance.
The ambiguous designs of the new products encourage creative thinking and
development, as children interpret their own ways to utilise each unique piece of
The development of the Movers range comes at an ideal time for those listening to new research on the benefits of supervised outdoor play.

A new Demos report, commissioned by Play England, highlights the positive effects of readily available
supervised play provisions for children aged eight – 13 years old. Skilled staff can successfully engage those who are most at risk of a sedentary lifestyle, as well asthose prone to anti-social behaviour, helping them to develop essential life skills such as sharing, teamwork and mutual respect.
The Movers range supports this thinking, complementing play areas of all sizes, and offering multi-user play equipment that promotes social interaction and teamwork.

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