SUDS AND PAVING..Draft Flood and Water Management Bill

With its second reading in the House of Lords just completed, the Draft Flood and Water Management Bill is well on its way to becoming law, making sustainable drainage systems (SUDS) effectively mandatory by 2011. And, as the most versatile SUDS technique, concrete block permeable paving is set to become the norm for new developments. The very latest information on permeable paving and other precast concrete paving techniques is now available on the updated website.
Recognised as the definitive information resource for the paved environment – Interpave’s website has been updated and expanded to meet the latest industry needs and reflect important changes to planning policy, legislation and other guidance. A new edition of the 20-page Understanding Permeable Paving guide has been added covering the new draft bill, statutory requirements, the planning process, overall design, long-term performance, costs and adoption issues surrounding this important SUDS technique.
The trade association Interpave aims to provide the most comprehensive, objective and up-to-date information on all aspects of paving and hard landscaping for the widest possible audience. The website is organised to help users find the right type and level of detail of information for their particular needs. The ‘Topical Issues’ section will be of interest to – amongst others – urban designers, architects, landscape architects, planners and local authorities, , offering guidance on matters of particular importance today.

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