Street Life

Street Design 2009, is a new event focused on conserving and enhancing the urban built environment, brings a seminar and debate programme to NEC Birmingham from 21st to 23rd April. The focus will be on sustainability and energy efficiency.
The three-day seminar programme, organised by the Landscape Institute and Institution of Lighting Engineers will be free to attend, offering visitors a wide range of topical briefings and insights from the urban design industry’s leading experts. Visitors can take away ideas for their own work as well as inspiration on collaborations and partnerships.

With numerous sessions each day, this year’s seminars will provide an in-depth look at a diverse range of topical issues and many of the most pertinent questions and pressing matters faced by urban design professionals and authorities today, including:

Green infrastructure
Lighting and health implications
Energy efficiency
Paul Lincoln, Director of Policy and Communications at the Landscape Institute says: ‘Green Infrastructure is now at the heart of thinking on how we plan our towns and cities. Anyone involved in the development of new or improved streets needs to address these issues carefully. The Landscape Institute’s seminars will provide a great opportunity to debate these important topics.’

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