Soft &hard surfaces…Nomix Dual residual herbicide

Nomix Dual, the low volume ready to use residual herbicide has now been approved for use on hard and soft surfaces, including footpaths, roads, pavements and kerb edges..
The use of Nomix Dual will save time and money as its residual action reduces the number of herbicide applications required during the growing period. Nomix Dual delivers up to 6 months’ control, combining the contact action of Glyphosate with the long lasting active Sulfosulfuron. Whilst the control of any visible weeds starts as soon as Nomix Dual is applied, the ongoing herbicidal action of Sulfosulfuron inhibits new growth.
The safety of the general public, operators and the environment is a key concern in amenity weed control today. The formulation of Nomix Dual provides a safer solution by reducing the risk of Spray drift and ensuring no breathable droplets. In addition, hand held targeted weed control on hard surfaces reduces run-off and water pollution. Using Nomix Dual as part of the Total Droplet Control (TDC) system provides the peace of mind that herbicide users are totally compliant with all requirements of Best Practice and the Sustainable Use Directive.
Mark Phillips, Managing Director of Nomix Enviro, told The Landscaper ‘Hard surface approval for Nomix Dual is excellent news for all herbicide users in the amenity industry. Its unique formulation makes this the ideal product to use in public areas and on hard surfaces”
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