Shine on! Decking S3i ltd…

Marine grade stainless steel is designed for harsh environments and used extensively in yachting applications but stainless steel cabling can create a shimmer in any landscape situation; giving a beautiful finish, reflecting all the passing colours and virtually maintenance free.
It can provide an eye-catching method of training plants, providing trellising and balustrades or even making up the wires in your vineyard. The enormous range of applications is limited only by your imagination.
Instead of cumbersome wooden balustrade infill on a deck area why not add stainless steel wire rope infill to improve the visibility of the surrounding environment and prevent obscuring the view, all with a great finish. Terrace gardens can be bordered by shiny balustrades reflecting light and training plants whilst also providing an added safety element to a rooftop terrace – again without obscuring those all important views.
S3i ltd – Stainless Steel Solutions – based near Doncaster, provide an ingenious and versatile method of providing cabling in stainless steel with a ball and socket attachment system using UK manufactured 316 marine grade stainless steel. S3i’s system has featured in Channel 4’s Grand Designs, Trentham Gardens in Staffordshire and the RHS Chelsea, Hampton Court and Tatton Park Flower Shows.
Cabling is supplied either as swaged assemblies (where the terminals are already crimped onto the stainless steel wire by S3i Ltd), or as swageless compression kits which can be fixed to the wire on site without any difficulty.
Both systems can be either back mounted or surface mounted.
Back mounting sockets can be used with plate or L sections. Surface mounted sockets can be used when screwing directly onto wood or masonry and can also be recessed inside round or square section tube. Surface mounted sockets enable you to anchor directly onto woodwork, masonry or flat faced stainless steel.
All these systems can be ordered online, to a millimetre precision, and then the completed assemblies are despatched to site usually within 24 hours.
TEl 01302 714513.

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