Safety a priority – 2.1 million working days lost!

Falls, slips & trips combined, accounted for more than a third of employee injuries for 2014/2015, with 21,331 reported incidents.
This equates to an estimated 2.1 million working days lost. FibreGrid’s latest addition to their SlipGrip range, should help in reducing such accidents, as SlipGrip Safety Glow uses a photoluminescent resin which absorbs light during the day, and glows through the night.
By day stair treads look like any other in the FibreGrid range – black ExtremeCore grit, with a 55mm x 55mm yellow or white nosing to warn the visually impaired where the step edge is (also keeps you DDA compliant). However, when darkness descends, the new SlipGrip Safety Glow coating on the step-nosing glows for up to 8 hours, so illuminating potentially hazardous steps, kerbs and edges. It doesn’t matter if there is no sun, as they will charge in overcast conditions, and they aren’t just for outdoor use as they are also charged by electric light.
SlipGrip Safety Glow is available in medium or coarse slip resistant finishes, and is suitable for heavy pedestrian traffic. Suggested applications would be steps and kerbs in public car parks, hospitals, educational establishments, loading bays, stairs, ramps and fire exits.

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