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Kinley Systems have recorded a significant increase in sales of its aluminium lawn and landscape edging products.
“We have recorded a 330% increase in orders across our Exceledge ranges of aluminium edging over the past two years,” reported Richard McMullan, Business Development Manager at Kinley Systems. “Using aluminium profiles is clearly becoming an increasingly accepted and proven way of providing an effective edging to hard landscape surfaces such as paths, play areas, plazas and roadways.”
Exceledge AluExcel, the aluminium landscape edging from Kinley Systems, has been specified for many projects throughout the Stratford Town Centre redevelopment, Athletes Village and other areas associated with development and regeneration schemes for the 2012 events.
Aluminium as a metal, offers many benefits that supports its use as an edging profile. As one of the most readily available commercial metals, it is also 100% recyclable with a 95% reclamation rate from the recycling process. This makes it one of the most efficient metals to recycle, strengthened by the fact that recycling aluminium uses 95% less energy than extracting virgin material from the metal’s core element, Bauxite.

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