A West Yorkshire company has helped Hertfordshire-based art charity The Henry Moore Foundation overcome its underwater weed problems and improve the appearance of its ponds at a stroke.
The Foundation, established by the Yorkshire-born sculptor and artist, took the pro-active step of installing safety grids just below the water line so that in the event of small children falling into the ponds, they would not be in water deeper than a couple of inches.
As a result the ponds were completely safe as the charity geared up for its busiest public opening period throughout the spring and summer. The grids however, clearly visible from the pond edges, soon started to attract unsightly moss and weeds just below the surface.
To address the problem the charity, called on the expertise of dye manufacturer Town End (Leeds) and its Dyofix range of environmental and wildlife-friendly lake and pond dyes that eliminate the build up of algae and underwater weeds.
When the blue or black dyes are added to bodies of water, the subtle change in colour filters the UV rays from the sun that fuel the build up of green algae. The result is that underwater weeds and algae are denied light, their essential life source, and sink to the bottom of the pond.
Dyofix Pond Black was chosen for the ponds at Perry Green, because it immediately and completely masked the safety grids and gave the water an attractive, black mirror-like appearance. The effect lasts for several months before it needs topping up.

Visitors are welcome to visit The Henry Moore Foundation from March to 30 August 2010, Tues-Sun and Bank Holiday Monday 10.00am-5.00pm. Call to book on 01279 843333 www.henry-moore.org/pg

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