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Sutcliffe Play, designer and manufacturer of children’s playground equipment , is launching an innovative teenage Pod Shelter developed following extensive consultation with a local authority and children in secondary schools.
The unit features a child powered Bluetooth music player and LCD lights, powered by a crank handle within the Pod that allows teenagers to learn about kinetic power whilst playing music stored on their mobile phones via the three speakers.
The lights are controlled by sensors, so when the unit reaches a certain level of darkness the lights automatically switch on. This system is controlled by a computer programme allowing the volume and light brightness to be pre-decided to suit individual customers.
The Pod’s modular system was developed following meetings with Kirklees Council, Sutcliffe Play was able to build their recommendations into the design, which now allows each customer to specify how open or enclosed they would like their unit. Angled panels and rubber seals also prevent excess noise leaving the Pod so nearby residents and facilities shouldn’t be disturbed.
The fully sealed panels prevent excess water from entering the unit and large side panels form a shield against the wind, protecting the children and young people inside from the elements.
Viv Jebson, Managing Director at Sutcliffe Play told The Landscaper : “With environmental awareness high on the agenda, our new Pod is especially suited to helping children understand, through creativity and play, how power can be created in a way that is kind to the environment.
“The system we’ve installed to make the Pod Bluetooth work also means we are getting children active and helping them keep fit in the process.”

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