Plain Flailing

Councils and contractors looking for a no-nonsense, robust flail mower for the maintenance of grassland and roadside verges should seriously consider the Wessex SF Series.
The range comprises four models in 2.5m and 2.8m working width versions, both rear mounted and push/pull. These are mowers with a large diameter, dynamically balanced rotor carrying forged hammer type flails which are designed to cope with very dense vegetation and woody material while, equally, leaving a very good finish on grassland.
The versatility of the mowers offers a cost saving with effectively two mowers rolled into one. A hydraulic side shift allows you to negotiate around road signs and other obstructions with a simple, lateral sliding action controlled from the tractor cab. The side shift capability is 500mm and the minimum tractor hp required is 50hp up to 90hp depending on the flail model. The rear mounted units feature an adjustable tailgate which allows cut material to be directed onto the ground immediately behind the mower or, for increased efficiency in longer grass, thrown clear of the machine.
Setting the cutting height is easily executed by repositioning the rear roller. As you would expect with Wessex machinery, the SF flail mowers are built for heavy-duty work and the roller bearings are integral for protection and durability. A ‘Z baffle’ is incorporated to reduce the risk of grass and water intrusion into the bearing. Coming as a standard fitting, the gearbox has an overrun clutch and features a sliding adjustment to tension the belts.
Wessex firmly believe a demonstration is the best way to decide on which flail is right for you and to arrange one you can contact Wessex International on 01264 345870

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