Paving the Future

Wienerberger, a UK provider of wall, roof and landscaping solutions, has increased its product offering with the launch of a new Kassei KTF clay paver. The new product will help Wienerberger meet the increasing demand for versatile clay pavers in the UK, and provide a cost-effective natural paving solution.
Jo Roberts, Landscape Category Product Manager, commented: “The launch of the Kassei clay paver not only looks great, but also offers a versatile and cost-effective paving solution, suitable for a wide range of landscaping projects.”
Measuring 150 x 150 x 65mm, the Kassei KTF clay paver can be laid on both a rigid and flexible bed, allowing for a versatile build whatever the scheme design.
With the appearance of natural stone, the new clay paver is available in four colours including Astra, Caron, Lotis and Orion, all of which are available in a tumbled design for a more traditional aesthetic or an un-tumbled design for a smoother, more uniformed appearance.  The Kassei blend is a combination of all four colours, and is available in the tumbled format.

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