Partnership Boosts Sales

With a strong merchant-only policy, the Talasey Group is keen to proactively support all of its merchants. The Group has once again demonstrated this policy through its recent partnership with Allisons Services and Supplies in Castleford. The partnership has contributed to the independent merchant, boosting its landscaping sales by 20%.
The Talasey Group is the UK’s largest independent supplier of high quality, ethically sourced landscaping products, and began its partnership with the independent merchant Allisons Services and Supplies in 2016. Talasey Group supplied more than £2,000 worth of products free of charge to help create a stunning external display area in collaboration with the merchant, which features a wide variety of paving products laid in-situ at their premises in Castleford.
Since the installation, Allisons Services and Supplies has witnessed growth across its sales of landscaping products, with overall sales in 2017 notably increased on the 2016 total. The company now looks set to increase sales year-on-year into 2018 and beyond.
Much of the Talasey Group and its accompanying brands’ success has been built upon its strong partnerships with merchants. The model is based on mutually beneficial relationships that go beyond the typical supplier/customer dynamic. Unlike other suppliers, the Talasey Group works hard to embed itself into the merchants’ businesses, to become truly integrated.
Paul Crossland, owner of Allisons Services and Supplies commented: “The benefit of having one supplier is that we always know who we’re dealing with and we’re not getting passed around because Talasey Group offers everything we require. Having all the products on site has really boosted things for us and clearly sales have gone up thanks to the display area. It is easy to go out and talk to customers and show them the brochure, but then when they come here onto the site and see everything laid out for themselves, with the jointing compounds and sealers etc. it is an entirely different experience. The display does its job straight away.”
The Talasey Group has also been on hand to provide expertise to Allisons Services and Supplies on recognising trends in the broader market.

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