No more ‘fade to grey’

Surface care specialist, LTP has introduced a new outdoor sealer and restorer to its ECOPROTEC® range.  Developed for dark natural stone and artificial stone surfaces, new Blackstone has an eco-friendly water-based, impregnating formulation that restores the appearance of faded limestone, marble, slate and concrete. Like all LTP products, the new treatment is manufactured in the UK and is offered alongside expert advice from the ECOPROTEC® technical team.

Ideal for external hard landscaping, ECOPROTEC® Blackstone is fast and safe to use and the permanent finish created provides protection against the elements. It can be applied in multiple coats until the desired colour effect is achieved. On honed surfaces, it is applied with a cloth or sealant applicator and, on rough cut/textured surfaces, with a foam roller or paint brush.  Surfaces can be walked on four hours after the final application and can be returned to ‘heavy use’ after 24 hours.

New Blackstone is available in one litre and five litre units and is offered as part of LTP’s extensive range of ECOPROTEC® surface maintenance products.

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