New broom sweeps in

Wessex International has introduced a new push broom suitable for a wide range of industrial, groundscare and agricultural uses.

The BroomEx Pro-240 2.4m designation indicates the 2.4m sweeping width (94” in old money) of this versatile and compact performer. The broom comes with an integral fork hitch as standard but there is the option of specifying three-point or skidsteer hitches.
This is a push broom designed for medium to heavy sweeping tasks and features eight rows of hard-wearing bristles capable of most sweeping challenges. Ideal for counter-balanced fork trucks and compact tractors, the BroomEx is equally at home performing industrial and groundscare sweeping tasks as it is on the farm where it’s used for sweeping grain stores and general farmyard waste.
What’s especially important about a push broom is productivity and working with the BroomEx is up to ninety-eight percent faster than manual labour. The integral fork pockets make attaching the broom quick and easy and with no working parts there’s no maintenance required and no breakdowns.
Add in the ‘no dust’ factor and you’re ensuring a clean working environment is achieved. Wessex build quality ensures the longevity of the broom is ensured, so you have speed of operation combined with reduced outlay contributing to extensive cost savings. The BroomEx Pro-240 2.4m comes with a RRP price tag of just £995.00. Wessex International:
Tel  01264 345870
wessex new broom

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