Natural Swimming Pool Day – 16 June

Natural Swimming Pool company Ensata is holding a Natural Swimming Pool CPD Training Day at its Show Pool, at the award winning Ellicar Gardens (below right) near Doncaster on 16 June, 2017.
The aim of the Natural Pool CPD Day is to provide Architects, Landscape Architects and Garden Designers with advice and information and the confidence to be able to offer a natural swimming pool as a successful and sustainable option in future landscape and development projects.
Natural swimming pools have been gaining popularity in the UK for more than a decade, having been invented commercially over 30 years ago by Austrian company BIOTOP Landschaftsgestaltung GmbH. Since then BIOTOP’s partner network has built over 5000 natural swimming pools around the world, including the UK’s first public natural swimming pool at King’s Cross in London in 2015. Ensata, has been an approved BIOTOP Partner for 9 years.
The CPD Natural Pool event will run throughout the morning with presentations on the different designs available, from the naturalistic Natural Pool through to the more contemporary Living Pool and plant free design options. The presentations will explain how natural pools can be successfully introduced in the UK domestic and commercial market, including in to Glamping sites, such as BIOTOP’s latest state-of-the-art pool at Love2Stay in Shrewsbury   Hotel & Spa pools and in public natural pool complexes. The CPD training will also provide advice on water quality and hygiene, client expectations, pool heating options, ecology, planning, construction and cost.
There will also be demonstrations and practical session around the natural pool, highlighting pool maintenance requirements, hard landscape materials, the latest BIOTOP pool equipment and construction techniques. Planting options in and around the water will also be discussed and delegates will be able to view Ellicar’s five acres of stunning wildlife gardens, which surround the pool.
After the morning’s training sessions, delegates will be able to take time out to relax and take a dip in the pool themselves, so they will then be able to personally advise their clients of the many benefits of swimming in chlorine free, natural water!
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