Lighting up

Gardens have been illuminated for as long as interior structures have, for security, circulation, and social occasions.
In ancient times gardens were illuminated by firelight from wood, candles, and animal-plant oil fuels in torches and lanterns.

The gas lighting of the 19th century and electric light of the 20th century became part of exterior function and design.
Improved technology has now allowed lighting to provide sufficient light output to illuminate gardens but also to create versatile atmospheric lighting effects.
Clients, particularly in urban situations, want and often need their gardens nowadays to provide extra living space.
Lighting enhances the appeal of the garden, increases the amount of time it can be utilised, improves security and can provide clients with a changing vista.
Clearly it’s best to include a lighting plan at the design stage of a job. Carefully working out where cables are to be placed is a crucial element as their strategic placing allows for changeable solutions later.
Lighting a garden is fascinating, experimenting with back lighting can create so many different moods. Click and watch video

When lighting an area of decking it’s essential to avoid glare and areas where people are destined to sit.
Be ready to look at time switches and sensors as they drastically improve security for the customer, criminals like to operate in the
All outdoor electrical installations in the UK must comply with the latest regulations and must be protected by an Residual Current Device (RCD ) The RCD will protect from an electrical shock should something go wrong. It works by shutting off the electrical supply very quickly should it detect an earth fault such as a person or animal touching a live feed.
There is now a wide range of traditional & contemporary garden lighting to be purchased at competitive prices. Mains garden lighting, low voltage garden lighting, as well as solar garden lighting.
Types of lighting to consider:
Art Deco Outdoor Lighting
Brass And Copper Garden Lights
Deck Lighting
Garden Lamp Posts
Garden Spot Lights – Outdoor
Hanging Porch Lights
Lawn Lights – Patio Lights
LED Garden Lights
Modern Outdoor Wall Lights
Outdoor Brick Lights – Path Lights
Outdoor PIR Motion Sensor Lights
Period Outdoor Lighting – Brass
Period Outdoor Lighting – Nickel
Post Lights – Bollard Lights
Solar Garden Lights
Traditional Outdoor Wall Lights
Walkover – Driveover Lights

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