Ideal for paths, driveways steps or ponds……….Mr Beams

A set of motion activated garden lights have been launched by LED lighting specialist Mr Beams. The twin pack of stylish lights includes a remote control so they can be turned on from indoors. The lights detect movement up to 3 metres and provide balanced bright white light over 12 square metres. They require no wiring and are powered by a set of standard batteries that will last on average one year.
Ideal for paths, driveways and anywhere around the garden, the lights are especially useful placed near hazards such as steps or ponds. After activation when no further movement is detected the lights have an auto power shut-off facility that can be set to either 30 seconds or 10 minutes. Once the main beam is turned off the lights switch to a useful glow mode, marking the way in the dark.
The remote control has a range of 25 metres so the lights can be turned on from the house, illuminating the path in advance as guests arrive, when venturing outside at night, or simply to illuminate the garden at night. This remote control feature also gives added peace of mind and security allowing the lights to be turned on if there is a disturbance outside.
Recommended Retail Price for the twin pack is £44.95
Tel: +44 (0) 1452 618850

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