Garden floodlight….Eliptas new Microflood Duo

Elipta’s new Microflood Duo is a versatile low voltage twin floodlight with 2 independently adjustable heads to provide overlapping beams, ideal for uplighting trees, hedge screens and taller shrubs or washing light across a lawn, path or gravel area. Each floodlight head can be adjusted or removed from the body for lamp replacement by twisting to release it from the double "O" ring holding it in place. Microflood is weatherproof to IP66, fitted with a 1.5m rubber cable and accepts two 20w, 35w or 50w tungsten halogen capsule lamps. Microflood is supplied without mount to allow users to choose between a surface/deck mount and a range of spike mounts, including the standard E6001 polycarbonate spike and the high-stability E6002 Tri-Spike which provides firm positioning in loose soils.
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