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Moss, weeds, dust, debris, snow and ice can all compromise a surface, whether for sports or parking cars, it is important that a surface continues to do the job throughout its life.

Use of a sweeper will maintain the performance of a surface where any of these problems are prominent, but why do Kersten believe one sweeper is better than another?
The type of brush will make a large difference.  Strong nylon brushes make a good multi-purpose choice.  Some brushes have rows; the larger the gaps in the rows the more bulky the material it can shift, brushes without rows will be better for fine material like dust.  A brush with rows in a spiral pattern will lift more dirt as a smaller surface area is in contact with the surface at any given time, applying more pressure. A brush with spiral rows will also offer smoother operation.
Being able to adjust the height of the brush on either end will allow you to manage its performance as the brush wears.  Additionally you will be able to make the brush effective in artificial surfaces, natural grass surfaces and block paving where you need to penetrate below the surface to carry out different tasks.
The ability to angle the brush will allow you to windrow material and will often get a surface cleaner than just sweeping forward.  The speed of the power unit will also aid the finish.  The ability to adjust the speed easily on the go will give the brush a chance to do its job. Varying the speed of the brush will also be useful when dealing with different materials.
Hydraulic drive to the brush and power unit will give massive reduction in maintenance and wearing parts, with no need to replace those pesky belts.  And putting the drive on one end of the brush rather than in the centre will mean there is no need for a gap in the middle, which can leave a nice trail of material in the middle of your row.
Caster wheels on both sides of the brush will help it follow contours more closely and give a much more even finish.
All these features and more can be found in the Kersten range of Sweepers, along with an optional collector box, gully brush, dust guard and dust suppression kit.
For more details and help with maintaining your surface get in touch.

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