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Timber decking is becoming an increasingly popular design trend for a wide variety of landscaping projects.  One particular concern with timber decking is that conventional deck boards can becomeslippery in wet conditions, risking accidents and personal injury. By Charlotte Hughes
 From walkways through woods and parkland, to outdoor eating areas, viewing platforms and boardwalks, timber decking is being used to complement nature and create a sustainable aesthetic.
No longer just a means of extending living space into the outdoors, landscape designers and architects are increasingly seeing the design potential of timber decking and it is now often used as a way of directing people’s attention, or linking areas of a site, for example in school or university  campuses, holiday villages and regeneration projects.
When choosing timber decking for landscaping projects, aside from aesthetics, there are some key considerations – most importantly strength, durability and safety.
One particular concern with timber decking is that conventional deck boards can become slippery in wet conditions, risking accidents and personal injury.  It is therefore important to choose a product that meets, or preferably exceeds, the HSL’s anti-slip testing guidelines and this should be considered at the design stage for any application where there is a timber deck with public access.
Our JB Antislip Plus timber decking boards are specifically designed to provide a durable and effective external anti-slip surface to minimise any risk of slipping – even in adverse weather conditions.   They are particularly suited to cycle paths, rural footpaths, wetlands and bridges, where the decking needs to blend in with the landscape.
We also offer non-slip JB CitiDeck which is designed for use in urban environments and is ideal for creating accessible routes for prams and wheelchair users, or as a non trip surface for areas where there is a high volume of foot traffic.  Both JB Antislip Plus and CitiDeck exceed the HSL guidelines and have been independently tested by the Health and Safety Executive, achieving a low potential for slip.
All of Marley Eternit’s timber decking is manufactured from selected joinery grade European Redwood and is the first and only decking board in the UK to be CE marked.  For more information and to see our full set of Eurocode compliant and BS 5268 design span tables, visit
Charlotte Hughes is the product manager for timber decking, at Marley Eternit

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