Cutting edge appointment

Ian Robson
Foley United has appointed Ian Robson as the company’s Importer/distributor for the UK and Ireland, encompassing their extensive range of professional grinders, as well as the Neary Technologies range.
Ian, who is managing director and owner of ProSport UK, has almost 20 years’ experience in the sports turf industry, with a specific 15-year period spent in the grinding sector, focusing primarily on golf courses and local authorities.
During his career he has worked extensively with head greenkeepers, where his wealth of knowledge has helped to enhance their grinding operations. His expertise in the field over the years is backed by sales in golf courses across the UK from small clubs to the top Open Championship courses.
Foley United have some of the most cutting edge grinders on the market, and have options across all of their ranges to suit any budget, whilst delivering excellent results. Be it with the top of the range ACCU-Master Model 653 Reel grinder, or the Model 450 Rotary Blade grinder.
The entire Foley United and Neary Technologies range of reel grinders, bedknife grinders and rotary grinders is now imported and distributed exclusively in the UK and Ireland through ProSport UK.
Tel  07779 270501

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