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Lafarge Cement I headlined at GLEE 2009 with its newly re-styled packed product range, aimed at guiding landscapers through the complex building products market.
Launched as part of Lafarge Cement’s Clarity in the Market campaign, the new packaging provides clearer labelling across its packed product range. With environmental information brought to the front of the bags, landscapers can more easily select products that meet their sustainability targets. The new bags also feature colour coding as well as prominent on-pack instructions on mix advice, health and safety and guidance on application.
By clearly differentiating between products, Lafarge Cement aims to move the marketplace away from a ‘one size fits all’ attitude towards an understanding of the innovative solutions now available to help landscapers. Lafarge Cement’s Postcrete, Slablayer and Quality Assured Mortar Mix have revolutionised the landscaping market, through faster setting times and quality assured, consistent, results.

Mike Lomax, marketing communications manager for Lafarge Cement UK told The Landscaper “The landscaping products market has boomed in recent years, but research suggests that many landscapers aren’t aware of the innovative product solutions available to them.
“By using products such as Lafarge Cement’s Postcrete and Slablayer, landscapers and DIY-ers can erect fencing posts and lay slabs much faster – where traditionally you would have had to return the following day to complete a job, once the concrete had hardened. Postcrete, Slablayer and Mortar Mix are also popular for their reliability, as the products can be applied with just the addition of water – removing the need to buy additional materials such as sand and aggregates.”

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