Colour on a Budget

Three new colour options have been added to Talasey Group’s Vitripiazza Anno range of vitrified porcelain paving, offering an economical option for projects with a more modest budget due to the slight reduction in the pavers’ thickness. This 18mm range of vitrified Italian porcelain pavers is aimed at the design-focused customer who desires a quality and affordable product. Reducing the thickness of the flagstone by 2mm does not affect the integrity of the product, but makes it lighter to handle on site and easier to cut. The thickness reduction also helps with the importing, manufacturing and transportation costs supporting competitive delivered prices.
The current Biscotto (Cream/Buff), Grigio (pale grey) and Grafite (dark grey) are joined by the new Avorio, Bronzo and Panthera flagstones.
Malcolm Gough, Group Sales & Marketing Director for Talasey Group, commented: “Vitripiazza is one of our most popular brands. I predict that 2018 is the year that porcelain is really taken seriously by the professional landscaper and we now have a very comprehensive range of porcelain products that will cover every budget and style. Our warehouse facility in Doncaster houses the majority of our stock and we can offer a 24-48 hour delivery service on the majority of our product lines. We are also offering a sample box set with a 100mm x 100mm swatch of each colour inside so the landscaper or merchant can offer their customers the new full pallet of colour options.”

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