Cobra ..machines to suit all requirements.

Cobra has a mower for every lawn type. From large areas needing wider machines, to slopes and banks that call for increased manoeuvrability, All with the option of different power sources from petrol to electric and also lithium-ion battery for a cordless alternative. The Cobra mower range features rear rollers, rotary and cylinder machines to suit all requirements.
Cobra’s rear roller machines will create a perfectly striped finish. Stripes are created by an alternating mowing direction that allows the roller to flatten the grass whilst it cuts – mow the lawn up and down with a roller mower to make the stripes.
To aid this, Cobra has this year launched two new rear rollers mowers featuring innovative engine technology. The two mowers are both self-propelled with a three-speed transmission and six height of cut settings, ranging from 17mm to 75mm to give the perfect finish throughout the season. They are both powered by Briggs & Stratton InStart engines, that enable them to start at the push of a button without recoil and the need to pull the petrol cord. The RM433SPBI has a 17” width, 150cc displacement and 50 litre grass bag capacity. The RM513SPBI is ideal for larger gardens with a 20” width, 70 litre grass bag capacity and 163cc displacement courtesy of its Briggs & Stratton 675IS InStart engine.


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