Clearing up !

Kite Packaging has launched a range of bags to benefit the landscaping industry.
The first product in the range, FIBC bags, are made from woven polypropylene and can be loaded with up to 1 tonne of product.
Most suited to dry, free-flowing products, they have strong lifting handles to be used with a crane or forklift.
FIBC Bags are essential for landscapers, as they provide the superior strength and tear resistance of a rigid container, but are much easier to transport. Mostly used for storage, the bags can also make a great replacement for skips to collect garden rubbish.
Kite has also launched a range of Rubble Sacks for a similar marketplace, as part of their aim to offer a ‘one-stop shop’ for packaging products. The new sacks come in three different colours, and are all manufactured from 125 micron thick material.
Providing incredible burst resistance against sharp and bulky items, rubble sacks are often used  to collect heavy waste products such as broken bricks, timber, and plaster.
What’s more, the bags from Kite are made from recycled material so that they are less harmful to the environment, and have been competitively sourced – prices start at just 12.5p a sack!
The company hope that this will open up their prospective customer base, and now have a well-rounded offering for the industry which will only continue to grow.
clearing up

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