A total of 16 medals and the coveted ‘Best In Show’ award have been awarded to Rolawn-supported gardens and exhibitors at Hampton Court Flower Show this week.
Five Gold medals were won by Hadlow College’s ‘Green Seam’ garden – which was also awarded the ‘Best In Show’ award, Steve Smith’s ‘SMART Vision’ garden, Anthea Guthrie’s ‘Winnie the Pooh 90th Anniversary’ garden, Anne Marie Powell’s ‘Macmillan Legacy’ garden and Esra Parr’s ‘Spirit of the Aegean’ garden.  All used Rolawn Medallion® turf with Steve Smith also using some Rolawn Landscaping Bark.
Silver-Gilt medals went to John Warland’s ‘World Vision’ garden, Tracy Foster’s ‘Just Retirement’ garden, Stefano Passerotti’s ‘Circle of Life’ garden, Paul Martin’s ‘Music Lover’s’ garden and Amy Robertson’s ‘Wellbeing of Women’ garden.  Rolawn products used were Medallion® Turf, Vegetable & Fruit Soil and Soil Improver.  In addition, Peter Beales Roses and Burncoose Nurseries were awarded Silver-Gilt medals in the Festival of Roses awards and Floral awards, respectively.
Silver medals were awarded to Sadie Stowell’s ‘Charleston’ garden and Jean Wardrop and Alexandra Stevenson’s ‘A Growing Obsession’ garden – both used Rolawn Medallion  turf and Wardrop & Stevenson also used some Rolawn Soil Improver as a planting medium.
Bronze medals were won by Charlie Bloom’s ‘The Tea Party’ garden and Sadie Stowell’s ‘Massachusetts’ garden – both used Rolawn Medallion Turf and Charlie Bloom also used Blended Loam Topsoil.
Rolawn’s Sales and Marketing Director, Jonathan Hill told The Landscaper  ‘This really is a brilliant crop of well-deserved medal wins for Rolawn-supported gardens.  All the designers and their teams have worked so hard and the results are absolutely stunning – we’re delighted to be associated with the best in the industry and to see our products utilised on such high quality gardens makes us very proud.’
For more information on Rolawn’s products, please log onto www.rolawn.co.uk or call 0845 604 6060.
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