Brightest light on the market …..Lumena Lights

Lumena Lights have announced the arrival of a 12v G4 Capsule light. The brightest G4 Capsule LED light available today.
Using high quality LED’s, it replaces a standard G4 Halogen rated at 20- 25 watts and uses only a sixth of the power. 18 high output LED’s are used within this capsule yet the overall dimensions are not much greater than a standard G4 halogen (28mm long with a diameter of only 18mm).
It is ideal for use in 12v wall lights and 12v spreadlights which usually accommodate G4 Halogens.
The replacement of G4 Halogens with this G4 LED results in lower energy bills and lower installation costs. This is because smaller transformers and thinner cables can be used as less current is required.
It also has a rated lifetime greater than 50,000 hours, or 25 years if used for 6 hours a day every day of the year.
TEl 01327 871161

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