BOSTIK – Rain won’t halt play

Global adhesives specialist Bostik has launched a new All Weather Wide Jointing Compound for paths and patios, specially formulated for use in wet and dry weather conditions.
Suitable for joints from 5mm to 30mm in width, the new jointing compound requires no mixing or special tools during installation; it can simply be brushed and compacted into the joints. Once cured, it forms a solid joint that resists weed growth and enables power washing or mechanical cleaning.
Supplied in a 20kg tub containing two 10kg foil packs, Bostik All Weather Wide Jointing Compound is designed for use with most paving types and is unaffected by salt or freezing conditions. Applied wet, the new compound eliminates the staining associated with traditional cement methods. Its fast drying properties allow surfaces to hold foot traffic in as little as ten hours.
Andrew Hamman, Category Manager at Bostik, said: “We developed our newest jointing compound in response to demand from builders for a fast drying, all-weather compound that can be applied in virtually any weather conditions. The unpredictable British climate can often put a halt to outdoor work, but now patio and paving installations can be completed whatever the weather and still produce the same high quality results.”
Bostik Wide Jointing Compound is available in natural or grey colour. Each 20kg tub provides coverage of up to 13m2.
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Bostik All Weather Wide Jointing

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