Bespoke landscape artwork

Hardscape is a supplier of hard landscaping materials sourced from its wide network of quarries and manufacturers around the world
Hardscape’s creative approach – coupled with its technical ability and extensive product knowledge – is key to creating ‘stand-out’ designs for clients’ projects and schemes.
Hardscape works with clients to design beautiful bespoke paving and unique art features and installations. Intricate designs are created including replicas of aged stone installations for conservation projects or meaningful quotes and artwork commemorating history in public spaces.
Precision cutting
Powerful high-pressure water jets, mixed with an abrasive, meticulously cut through stone to create 2D flat designs. This advanced process is particularly suitable for designs featuring two or more materials or colours, such as a project in Liverpool’s Eberle Street that will use an intricate paving and lighting scheme pattern to honour the mythical Emerald City from the Wizard of Oz. The curved rainbow is formed using vibrantly dyed glass – a process that has evolved to inject striking colour into naturally forming minerals.
Hardscape Artscape - coloured stone (1)

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