A New Dimension to Living Walls

Landscape and Garden Designers continue to search for both enterprising and cost-effective ways to create colour in the tightest areas. Vertiflora new product has been developed to provide superior plant growth with minimal requirements for watering and maintenance. It also offers easy and simple installation.
The Modu-wall can be installed as a single box or in groups to provide a totally new concept to landscape and garden design. There are also numerous ecological benefits to this product. Unsightly walls become history if Modu-wall is used in its multiple mode.

For the creation of a small herb garden by the kitchen door, the Modu-wall system is extremely versatile. The transformation of bare areas such as walls and fences and the ability to create features and the illusion of space is a key element to this popular concept. The option to plant vertically with five or six boxes is an added attraction.
Vertiflora’s Modu-wall has been designed to solve the problems that are normally associated with existing living wall systems. Each unit has an aperture for either a 9cm or 1 litre pot, which are standard garden centre pot sizes. This means that there is no pre- planting required as the plants can be inserted after the units have been installed on the wall. It also means that if in time you wanted to replace some plants then this can easily be done without having to remove the unit from the wall.
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