Last year Aquila Design provided a stylish touch to Spinningfield Square in the heart of Manchester.
Named after the square, Aquila’s uniquely designed 6m stainless steel columns bring a modern feel to the regenerated space, whilst blending in neatly with historic landmarks.
Using Aquila’s innovative 1659 Micro reflector in combination with a 150W CDM-T lamp provides a high performance white light, and allows a small luminaire size, giving the Spinningfields clean lines from top to bottom. A row of white LEDs built into the rear of the columns further enhances their visual appeal.
Where the development meets the River Irwell you will find Aquila’s Nemo light tubes. These slender tubes cast a soft light over the water and bring a futuristic look which compliments the waterfront development.
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Watch out for the lighting feature in the October issue of The Landscaper.

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