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A pioneering new measurement system is set to protect tree surgeons from death and serious injury and safeguard the nation’s trees for future generations.
Aboricultural company Jenks Oxford has developed a series of key performance indicators that align with the recognised National Occupational Standards.
Managing director Paul Jenks, says: “We have developed this robust system to cover all aspects of operations and it is highly regarded by The Arboricultural Association. Using a simple system of scoring that is both easy to use and to understand, the new KPI system, gives the first truly long term measurable tool for use by operatives, businesses and consumers. Given the relative youth of the industry there is a need to give employees, employers and consumers of the tree surgery industry clear parameters to develop careers and businesses and to give the consumer a better understanding of the training and certification required for a consistent, professional service.”
“The Arboricultural Association has worked hard to promote and raise the standards of contracting through our ARB Approved Contractor scheme as well as industry training, education and promotion of continuing professional development and career progression; we applaud this new system of monitoring.” Simon Richmond, Technical Officer, Arboricultural Association

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The odds of someone in forestry and arboriculture sustaining a major or fatal injury in any one year are estimated to be worse than 1 in 120. Over a ten-year period, 49 people have been killed in incidents involving tree work and 12% of the deaths in agriculture are a result of tree-work activities.
(Source: HSE’s Fatal injuries in farming, forestry and horticulture 2003/04.)

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