Specialist Training: Natural Pest Control

Bionema has developed specialist training programmes to help maximise the potential of a biologically benign way to protect and enhance crops, plants and amenity areas. The key message to leading commercial distributors and end users (grower, farmers, greenkeepers and foresters) is that natural pest control makes even more sense as traditional pesticides lose efficiency and many are delisted. The use of biopesticides across many land-based sectors is a crucial subject, with legislative changes necessitating awareness in agriculture, horticulture and amenity managers of the latest best practice solutions.
“Professionals need to know how to handle living organisms such as nematodes, fungi, bacteria, beneficial insects and others,” says Dr Minshad A Ansari, MD of Bionema Limited, based in Swansea University, Wales. Dr Ansari adds there is a need to understand how best to use, store and handle such organisms to deliver efficaciously.
Bionema training courses (developed by biological experts) includes presentation, practical workshops and demonstration about different biopesticide products and their correct application to help maximise the benefits of biopesticide products in agriculture, horticulture, turf amenity and forestry sectors. Users will develop a complete understanding of biopesticide application through a practical integrated pest management system within their own environment.
The next courses will be on March 14-16 at Lantra headquarters at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire.

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