Professional size trees

Barcham Trees is to make its products available to retail buyers for the first time.
Barcham, Royal Warrant Holders for supply to Her Majesty the Queen, has built up a reputation stretching back a quarter of a century. As a result Barcham has created a retail arm to its business, and is launching a new area of its website dedicated to amateur gardeners who don’t want to wait 10-15 years for trees to reach the desired height and size.
Mike Glover, Barcham’s Managing Director said: “With the greatest of respect to the garden-centre and horticulture trade, growing trees to a substantial size able to offer immediate impact, as we do, can only be done by a company which specialises in large tree production.
“Large retailers of garden plants if they offer trees at all, tend to offer smaller examples, which may have travelled around a great deal in their short lives, and have perhaps been allowed to sit too long in less than suitable containers. Our trees on the other hand have all been allowed to mature in our patented Light PotTM containers, keeping the roots healthy for planting when delivered to customers all over the UK. This in turn helps them to establish quickly and continue to grow vigorously.”

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Barcham Trees stocks over 450 varieties and has a production of 125,000 container trees per year, making its tree nursery the largest of its type in Europe.

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