Orange Plant – Labour and time saving

Lewes based Tree Surgeons and Landscapers R.W Green are fortunate to have an Orange Plant depot nearby to cater for the majority of their machinery needs, especially on the tree surgery side of their business.
“We have used Carltons for a number of years and for general smaller-scale domestic work we purchased a Carlton pedestrian unit from Orange Plant about 18 months ago” says Nick. “However, when it comes to the larger arboricultural work for the likes of Thames Water and the MOD, something bigger will be required. The job at hand, and the restraints we will experience on site, will determine which Carlton we’ll hire and to that end we are lucky to have the Burgess Hill Orange Plant depot close by. They stock a very comprehensive range of Carlton machines all delivered with fantastic customer service.”
Because of their experience, Nick and the operations team will already have a good idea which model of stump grinder they require when they’re given a job. For example, when the job benefits from good site access they can use something from the larger-end of the Carlton portfolio like the 7015TRX – one of the largest of its kind available in the UK. “The larger Carlton machines are great for labour and time savings”, adds Nick. “Obviously it means we can get the job done quicker as they are just so powerful. A large stump may take a whole day to grind away with a pedestrian unit but could take as little as an hour with one of the large Carltons.” These machines also benefit from being remotely controlled and mean the user can stand further away from the operating unit – a real health and safety plus point that aids operator experience with reduced noise, fatigue and of course risk.

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